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Save Time. Eat Better.

Your local choice for healthy, enJOYable, fully-prepared meals.

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Made from scratch right here in Fairfield County, and delivered right to your door on Sunday's by one of our inhouse drivers!

Real Food

Real Food

Never any preservatives, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners. Only safe, non-GMO foods.

Health Conscious

Health Conscious

Our meals never rely on excess salt, fat, or refined sugars to taste great. And we only use avocado and olive oils to prepare our food.

Locally Sourced

Locally Sourced

We use local suppliers whenever possible, in search of the finest products and freshest ingredients we can get our hands on!

Meet Chef Sergio

Chef-owner Sergio Labrosciano is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and brings a strong culinary presence and a love for all things food to the table. Through years of extreme poor upkeep and disregard for his own personal health and wellness, he recognized the importance and need for better self-care. And with that, he eventually worked fitness into his daily routine along with a growing curiosity for nutrition, further extending his knowledge for food.

This transformation process has inspired him to assist others in bettering their relationship with food, and ultimately obtain their nutrition, fitness and wellness goals. With that in mind, Chef Sergio is constantly developing a fresh, wholesome menu for those longing to build a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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Try our meals before signing up for a weekly subscription or simply place a one-time order and come and go as you please!

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Want to reduce the time you spend in the kitchen? Let us help you make life a little easier. SAVE on meals when you subscribe. You can pause, skip or cancel on your own at any time!

Katie H.

Meal Joy has made my day to day routine so much easier. I love that the meals are made locally and arrive as fresh as can be. And most important of all, they're delicious. Bravo!!

Dan E.

Incredible! Great selection, great quality, always on time delivery. Save hours at night and with the kids it's a lifesaver!

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