Fresher. Yummier. Easier.
Here's why Meal JOY stands out and should be your first choice for meal delivery in Fairfield County.

Saves Time

Let us plan, shop, prep, cook, and clean up the mess. Meal JOY gives you back your time!

Healthy Oils

We only use avocado and olive oils in all of our food preparation!

Eat Clean

We cook with REAL FOOD - never any preservatives, chemicals, or artificial sweeteners.

Support Local

When you order from Meal JOY, you support local businesses. We shop local for all ingredients and even support local farmers.

Healthy + Fit

Meal prep helps you stay on track and consistent so you can achieve your goals. Let us do all the work while you get all the benefits!

Delicious Food

We cook without compromising taste. No hiding poor quality food with excess salt and fat. All meals are cooked right here locally!

No Commitment

No subscribtion required. Place a one-time order and come and go as you please :)


No meal kits here! Our meals are fully-prepared and ready-to-eat. In just minutes you will be enJOYing restaurant quality meals from the comfort of your own home.

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