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Meal JOY is a local, purpose-driven meal delivery service based in Fairfield County, CT. We are your simple, convenient alternative to more mindful, healthy eating. Our mission is to provide a healthier, sustainable solution to busy schedules and health goals in the community, and are committed to excellent food quality and great customer service.

Eat Good. Feel Good. Live Good.

Our menu and services are aimed at giving you a more sustained and balanced lifestyle. We believe healthy eating doesn't have to be complicated or consist or bland and boring foods. Our company is devoted to providing you with a healthy array of palatable, delicious and constantly changing meal options. We want to make eating healthy as easy, fun, and enJOYable as possible. Whether you're following a particular program, or just looking for something healthy and delicious for lunch or dinner, we've got you covered.

Meet Chef Sergio

Chef-owner Sergio Labrosciano is a graduate of The Culinary Institute of America and brings a strong culinary presence and a love for all things food to the table. Through years of extreme poor upkeep and disregard for his own personal health and wellness, he recognized the importance and need for better self-care. And with that, he eventually worked fitness into his daily routine along with a growing curiosity for nutrition, further extending his knowledge for food.

This transformation process has inspired him to assist others in bettering their relationship with food, and ultimately obtain their nutrition, fitness and wellness goals. With that in mind, Chef Sergio is constantly developing a fresh, wholesome menu for those longing to build a more sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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