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What are your portion sizes?

We currently offer three different options to accomodate your needs.

Standard size meals are a single serving and suitable to feed an average adult. Meals are comprised of a quality protein source (4 oz.), starch/carbohydrate (4 oz.), and a vegetable (4 oz.). On average, keeping portion control in mind, our standard meals weigh in at just about 12 ounces and range between 450-600 calories.

Extra Protein size meals are suitable for someone looking for a higher protein diet, trying to gain muscle mass or just maintain their current size. These meals will include an extra 2 oz. cooked protein.

Low-Carb size meal option simply omits the starch or carb in the meal (rice, potato, or pasta) and replaced with an extra assortment of vegetables.

How long will my meals stay fresh?

In short, 4-5 days. We use advanced cooling techniques and strong cold chain management to ensure the longest possible shelf life. You can absolutely freeze your meals as you wish, just plan to do so while they are still fresh. When ready to heat, just give them a few extra minutes in the microwave to ensure they reach the recommended internal temperature of 165 degrees.

What are your protein portions?

Our standard size includes 4 ounces of cooked protein, and our extra protein option includes 6 ounces of cooked protein.

What are your carbohydrate/starch portions?

Our standard and extra protein sizes both include the same amount of carbs - a 1/2 cup of carbohydrate/starch (typically a complex carb), or 1 cup of cooked pasta.

What are your vegetable portions?

All meals will include about 4 ounces of vegetables. Don't worry - we are big fans of veggies so we tend to beef up the larger sized meals with extra :)

What oils/fats do you use to cook your meals?

The foundation of healthy cooking starts with good quality, healthy fats. This is one thing that usually goes unoticed with other companies who promote healthy food. We're buying the good stuff and ONLY use avocado and olive oils in all of our food preparation guaranteed!

Note: This includes all of our dressings and sauce.


Is there a long-term commitment?

Nope! We created this website specifically so that you can place a one-time order and come and go as you please :)

Note: A subscription plan allows you to pause, skip weeks, and cancel at any time by simply going to your account and clicking My Subscription. You can also create a new plan incase you need to upgrade or downgrade.

Can I skip a week if I am going away or will not be around?

Absolutely. You can skip upcoming deliveries by simply logging into your account and using the SKIP A DELIVERY option hassle-free. You can even skip multiple weeks.

You can also pause your subscription, as well as cancel at anytime.

You can always call/text or email us with any questions or concerns.


How does delivery work?

You will start by choosing your delivery day when placing your order.

We utilize reusable cooler bags to deliver to homes, offices and apartments and use no-contact delivery. You can provide your own cooler or ice chest if you prefer (just make sure it's the right size).

With our Real-time Order Tracking, you will receive a series of text notifications on the day of delivery; one showing a time-window, a second when we are 30 minutes out (you will be able to track your driver), and lastly once your delivery has been made.

You do not need to be home to receive your delivery, but we strongly recommend it, especially during the summer months. If no one is available to receive your order, our driver will leave your meals along with ice packs to keep your food safe and cool. With each delivery, just leave your cooler out with the ice pack and we will continue to reuse them!

What time will my meals be delivered?

Orders to homes and apartments go out for delivery and will arrive Sunday between 8am and 4pm - depending on your location.

On the morning of your expected delivery, you will receive a text notification first thing in the morning. It will fill you in on all the details.

If you need delivery to your office or workplace, please include this in your delivery requests/details when placing your order so we have all the details we need to deliver your meals successfuly.

NOTE: We cannot provide an exact delivery time, but we will accommodate your request as best as we can.

Do I have to be home for my delivery?

Although it is recommended for someone to be available at the time of delivery (especially during the summer months), it is not necessary. You will receive updated delivery notifications to help you plan accordingly.

What if I will not be around for my delivery?

If you are unsure of your availability on any given delivery day, please let us know as early as possible by calling/texting (203) 357-5140 or emailing us at support@mealjoyfoods, so we can plan accordingly. We will hold your meals back and deliver at a later time, or schedule a pickup time.

What if I am having my meals delivered to my apartment complex or office building?

Just make sure to include any specific instructions or information during checkout that we might need for our drivers to deliver your meals successfully (i.e. access/gate codes, building hours, informing security or front desk of expected delivery and adding us to any necessary guards lists).

Or we can drop your meals off to the front desk. Just ask if they can put your meals in a refrigerator ahead of time so that they are aware.

What is your cooler bag process?

Your order will be delivered in a cooler bag (and ice packs during the summer months). Please just make sure to leave your empty cooler bag (and ice pack) out for our driver to pick up on  your following delivery day. We'll replace it with another cooler bag and your fresh batch of meals.

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