Time Terminator Cheat Sheet

Between work, cooking, and endless distractions...

It's like you barely have time to breathe.

This cheat sheet catches every lost second before it slips away

Give these strategies a shot!

You'll be amazed how much time you have.

I prefer an image-less Google Doc!

Ultimate Focus Step-List

Focus is nearly GONE in today’s world.

Between TikTok, Instagram, and so many other distractions, focus is super valuable.

You can accomplish more in 10-30 min of deep, focused work than someone doing half-distracted work for hours.

Here are four easy steps to dial your focus in on command.

Step 1: Set a Clear Objective

Most people procrastinate because they don’t know exactly what to do. But there’s a quick fix…

Before you start working, determine your objective's whats, whens, and hows. Be as specific as possible and start with small goals!

Step 2: Eliminate Distractions

If you have any distractions around you, getting into a deep flow state will be extremely difficult.

The first step is to be in a designated workplace!

If you try to work in the same spot you've wasted hours before, your brain won't start work mode.

Be sure to:

- Close all other tabs

- Disable notifications

- Put your phone in a different room

- Use the bathroom

- Take some caffeine (optional)

- Get some blood flowing (squats, pushups, etc.)

This pre-focus ritual puts your brain in work mode, so you wizz by step 3!

Step 3: Time & Music

Set a visible timer (not your phone) for how long you will work.

This creates a fun game of "beat the clock" and gives your mind a sense of urgency.

Remember, the time a task is given = the time it takes to complete!

After you set your timer, put some lyricless music on to avoid distracting noises.

Refuse to get off your chair until the timer goes off, and move on to step 4!

Step 4: Visualize and Push Through

This is where the magic happens.

Take 3-5 seconds to visualize yourself knocking out the work like it's nothing.

This makes your brain understand that work is possible and generates some motivation.

When you start to work, there will be some resistance.

You'll get the urge to do other things: eat, scroll on social media, watch Netflix, etc.

This is what you must push through for just a few minutes!

After 5-10 minutes of pushing past the resistance, the work will feel like nothing.

It's like getting in the shower; Once you're in, you won't want to get out.

When the timer goes off, take a 15-30 minute break and restart the checklist!

Now that you've got the perfect focus ritual, it's time to spark some motivation...

Motivation for Boring Work

There is always something boring to do. But why?

We consider something boring when we don’t see the immediate purpose or importance of that task.

So, here are two ways to
make your lame task seem mega-important and fun.

Make it a Game!

Come on, not everything has to be boring!

There are two great ways to turn mundane into fun while completing tasks in half the time!

Strategy 1: Beat your Time

Time yourself on a boring task like dishes and try to beat your best times every day!

It's super simple and super effective.

Strategy 2: Friendly Competition

Share work with a friend?

Set up some friendly competition to work better/faster than the other.

This is a super easy way to stay motivated and leave boredom behind!

Crystal Goals

Everyone has broad, undefined goals, leading to demotivation, brain fog, and unfulfilment.

But not you!

Let's get crystal clear by answering these questions:

If you reached all of your goals 1-5 years from now:

1. What does your typical day look like?

2. What do others think of you?

3. How does your day-to-day life change

4. What frustrations would you no longer have?

5. What would you look like?

Now that you have a clear goal, break it into smaller goals:

What achievements need to happen to reach this main goal?

Classifying that boring task into one of your sub-goals should be easy, which connects it to your core goal.

BAM, just by answering a few brain questions, your boring to-do’s feel like essential steps toward your goals!

This may sound a bit TOO simple, but it doesn’t need to be complicated!

Don't let your mind's new fire run loose!

Focus your flames on the Superhero schedule for extreme productivity.

Superhero Schedule

The minute your day becomes “whatever you feel like doing’ is when all your time goes down the entertainment drain.
Even if you try to be productive, you'll end up hopping from task to task and not finishing anything.

If you know exactly what to do before the day begins, you can spend less time deciding and more time focusing.

Schedule your day the night before!

Got shi*t to do? Put it in Google Calendar!

It will likely look something like this…

See all that blank space? That’s free time, so use it!

Ideally, you'll have every minute planned out (even if you plan to relax!)

If you stay on schedule, that clunky to-do list will disappear in no time.

Schedule still overflowing? Use the “ask yourself - time checklist” below!

Ask Yourself - Time Checklist

Here’s a question checklist to ensure you don’t waste time on low-value tasks.

Most people won’t use this, but if you want more time than most people, you’ll apply this to EVERYTHING!

----- Can I eliminate this? Can I automate this? Can someone else do this?
Can this wait? Can I simplify this process? What can I replace this with for better output? Where am I wasting any time throughout the day? How can I create a better internal and external environment for focus?


P.S. Shopping, cooking, and cleaning can be eliminated: mealjoyfoods.com ;)

3 Steps to Push Yourself… sorta?

Pushing yourself is hard.

MAYBE ⅓ of the time, you’ll be motivated to work.

The other ⅔… not so much.

But hey!

You can keep yourself motivated 24/7 using commitments, social pressure, and deadlines.

Nothing pushes you like the expectation of people you care about.

Here’s the 3-step process:

1. Choose a few people whose opinions you value. (the more, the better.)

2. COMMIT! Tell them, “You have my word that I will finish x by y.”

3. Get to work! The more you procrastinate, the more likely you are to keep procrastinating.

Now, all that's left is to start!


Start big, start small, it doesn’t matter.


Remember the Zeigarnik Effect!

In normal language, the tasks you start occupy your mind way more than the ones you haven’t.

Even if you only get a few words on a document, the small commitment will set your brain up to do more!

Still No Time?!

We get it. Some people are just CRAZY busy!

Some of the hardest workers will use these strategies and STILL be short on time.

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